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Big Client? Big Problem - 8.28.13

Before you pop the bubbly and celebrate that new big client, ask yourself: is this a blessing or a curse?

What Your LinkedIn Photo Says About You - 8.13.13

People do business with people they trust. So what are you trying to hide?

How To Be on Top of the News, Not Under It - 8.5.13

These 4 tips will keep you, and your company, from being blindsided by the news.

9 (Free) Ways to Dazzle Your Customers -7.24.13

It doesn't take much time or money to truly blow customers' minds. Here are a few ideas.

5 Things You Need To Do This Summer - 7.1.13

Summer brings a different rhythm to business--one you can use to your competitive advantage.

What I Would -- and Did -- Say to New Grads - 6.18.13

We all need to reinvent ourselves regularly. Here's how I suggest new grads--or anyone--go about it.

Bootstrapping a Services Business: 3 Simple Steps - 5.28.13

My self-funded company was named one of the fastest-growing in the San Francisco Bay Area. And bootstrapping is even easier now.

What a Third-Grade Spelling Bee Taught Me About Business - 4.17.13

It turned out that the spelling wasn't the tough part.

How I Survived a Legal Battle With My Business Partner - 4.3.13

My former friend and business partner sued me in a drawn-out legal dispute. How I got through it, and how you can, too.

Why LinkedIn Endorsements Will Vanish - 3.19.13

LinkedIn endorsements trivialize the value of a very useful site.

Why I Feel Sorry for Marissa Mayer's Baby - 3.6.13

What sort of message is the Yahoo CEO sending to her employees -- and to the future workforce?

The Lost Art of Eye Contact - 2.25.13

Trying to build a new relationship? You'll never manage it by staring at a screen. Here's what you need to do instead.

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated: 3 Tools - 2.19.13

We're all inspired by different things, but I'm betting at least one of these three motivators will work for you.

How to Spark a Great Idea: 5 Steps - 1.29.13

There is a simple method for creating great ideas. And it really works.

Pushing Through the Tough Stuff: 7 Tips - 1.21.13

It's when things get bad that we're most likely to be procrastinate. Don't be tempted.

5 Things I Resolve Not To Do in 2013 - 1.10.13

Half of New Year's Resolutions fail within six months. Time to figure out what not to do instead.

Why Shorter Is Sweeter - 12.11.13

To communicate more meaningfully: Cut, cut, cut!

Raising Kids, Building a Business: Lessons From the Front - 11.15.12

One entrepreneur finds that building a business and raising kids have much in common.

Are You Running Business: Impossible? 7 Things To Outsource Now - 11.12.12

If your business needs an extreme makeover, it's time to start outsourcing.

Taming the Social Media Monster: 6 Tips - 10.31.12

Social media has this in common with trick-or-treaters: Anyone could be on the other side of that door. Sometimes, you need to turn off the lights and keep the door closed.

Does Your Business Spread Pixie Dust? - 10.25.12

Our columnist learns some lessons in customer service, and in branding, from one of the greats.

Steve Jobs, My Grandmother, and Entrepreneurship - 10.17.12

Remembering Steve Jobs: How that first putty-colored computer enabled me to become an entrepreneur.

Hello, Trouble. Step Right In - 10.9.12

BYOD is a cute acronym for a phenomenon -- Bring Your Own Device -- that comes with some very un-cute problems.

6 Ways To Build Your Business On Facebook--For Free - 9.25.12

It's amazing how much business comes in over Facebook. And I don't pay Facebook--or anyone--a cent.

Who's Bossing the Boss? - 9.18.12

When you're the boss, who makes sure you do all those important things that actually, you hate to do?

How to Catch Lying Job Seekers - 8.22.12

Half--yes, half--of all job applicants lie on their resumés. How do you figure out who's telling the truth?

7 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries - 8.7.12

It's only natural to be discouraged some of the time. Here's how to get your mojo back.

Get Your Email Under Control: 5 Tips - 7.25.12

Email is like laundry -- it's never really done. Here's how to keep it under control without stressing out.

4 Strategies for Painless Sales - 7.2.12

How do we want our customer to feel when they meet with us? That's the key to our sales strategy.

How to Give a Great Speech: 4 Tips - 6.14.12

Public speaking doesn't have to be terrifying. Here's how to capture, and keep, the crowd's attention.

Do Typos Matter? - 5.24.12

In an age of tiny keyboards and emoticons, you may think typos don't matter. Not so, according to someone who's been addressed as Mr. Renay Seagull.

LinkedIn: Reading Between the Lines - 5.9.12

Yes, LinkedIn tells me lots about potential employees. But it's just as useful for getting the scoop on a new client or partner.

Last-minute Tax Tips You Can't Afford to Miss - 4.13.12

So 2011 was a good year for your business. Here's how to share as little as possible of it with Uncle Sam.

Fight the Fear: 4 Tips - 4.14.12

Entrepreneurship is scary. Here's how to keep your head down and your eyes open.

You Screwed Up. Now What? - 4.3.12

We all make mistakes. It's how we handle them that makes the difference between a simple "Oops," and an epic fail.

5 Great Reasons to be a Mentor - 3.14.12

It's not all about saving the world or 'helping' the next generation. You'll be surprised by how much you get out of it, too.

5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person - 2.29.12

My clients are just like yours: They want to Skype, email and text. But here's why you still need face time.

4 Lin-sane Leadership Lessons - 2.22.12

In business terms, Jeremy Lin is the underdog that took on the 800 pound gorilla and won. Here's what entrepreneurs can learn from him.

5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Business - 2.16.12

The recession is ending. Will you be ready?

16 Cocktail Party Tips for Wallflowers - 2.7.12

Some of your best business opportunities will be at social events. How to bring out your inner schmoozer.

I Broke These 6 Business Rules. Why You Should, Too - 1.31.12

I may be a rule-follower by nature. But when it comes to my own company, I've learned when to color outside the lines.

Why You Should Put Your Personal Life Online - 1.23.12

People do business with people they like. Here's how to make yourself likeable online.

How to Write a Thank-You Note That Matters - 1.11.12

Thank-you notes are so rare in this digital age that a good one makes a huge impression. Here's how to write one.

Kicked in the Pants by an Accountant - 12.28.11

Only twice in the history of my business have I been truly terrified. Both times, it was my accountant -- yes, you read that right -- who jolted me back.

How to Set a Goal, and How to Reach It - 12.20.11

This time of year, goal-setting becomes a bit of a cliche. That's because we're doing it wrong. How our goals can help us learn who we are, and what we're can do.

4 Principles of Stress-Free Management - 12.15.11

Running a business doesn't have to be painful. Following these four guidelines allows me to love what I do, every day.

5 Great Reasons to Work on Vacation - 12.6.11

Part of the reason we go on vacation is to feel refreshed when we get back, right? That's why the laptop and iPhone come with me.