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Big Client? Big Problem - 8.28.13

Before you pop the bubbly and celebrate that new big client, ask yourself: is this a blessing or a curse?

What Your LinkedIn Photo Says About You - 8.13.13

People do business with people they trust. So what are you trying to hide?

How To Be on Top of the News, Not Under It - 8.5.13

These 4 tips will keep you, and your company, from being blindsided by the news.

9 (Free) Ways to Dazzle Your Customers -7.24.13

It doesn't take much time or money to truly blow customers' minds. Here are a few ideas.

5 Things You Need To Do This Summer - 7.1.13

Summer brings a different rhythm to business--one you can use to your competitive advantage.

What I Would -- and Did -- Say to New Grads - 6.18.13

We all need to reinvent ourselves regularly. Here's how I suggest new grads--or anyone--go about it.

Bootstrapping a Services Business: 3 Simple Steps - 5.28.13

My self-funded company was named one of the fastest-growing in the San Francisco Bay Area. And bootstrapping is even easier now.

What a Third-Grade Spelling Bee Taught Me About Business - 4.17.13

It turned out that the spelling wasn't the tough part.

How I Survived a Legal Battle With My Business Partner - 4.3.13

My former friend and business partner sued me in a drawn-out legal dispute. How I got through it, and how you can, too.

Why LinkedIn Endorsements Will Vanish - 3.19.13

LinkedIn endorsements trivialize the value of a very useful site.

Why I Feel Sorry for Marissa Mayer's Baby - 3.6.13

What sort of message is the Yahoo CEO sending to her employees -- and to the future workforce?

The Lost Art of Eye Contact - 2.25.13

Trying to build a new relationship? You'll never manage it by staring at a screen. Here's what you need to do instead.

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated: 3 Tools - 2.19.13

We're all inspired by different things, but I'm betting at least one of these three motivators will work for you.

How to Spark a Great Idea: 5 Steps - 1.29.13

There is a simple method for creating great ideas. And it really works.

Pushing Through the Tough Stuff: 7 Tips - 1.21.13

It's when things get bad that we're most likely to be procrastinate. Don't be tempted.

5 Things I Resolve Not To Do in 2013 - 1.10.13

Half of New Year's Resolutions fail within six months. Time to figure out what not to do instead.

Why Shorter Is Sweeter - 12.11.13

To communicate more meaningfully: Cut, cut, cut!

Raising Kids, Building a Business: Lessons From the Front - 11.15.12

One entrepreneur finds that building a business and raising kids have much in common.

Are You Running Business: Impossible? 7 Things To Outsource Now - 11.12.12

If your business needs an extreme makeover, it's time to start outsourcing.

Taming the Social Media Monster: 6 Tips - 10.31.12

Social media has this in common with trick-or-treaters: Anyone could be on the other side of that door. Sometimes, you need to turn off the lights and keep the door closed.

Does Your Business Spread Pixie Dust? - 10.25.12

Our columnist learns some lessons in customer service, and in branding, from one of the greats.

Steve Jobs, My Grandmother, and Entrepreneurship - 10.17.12

Remembering Steve Jobs: How that first putty-colored computer enabled me to become an entrepreneur.

Hello, Trouble. Step Right In - 10.9.12

BYOD is a cute acronym for a phenomenon -- Bring Your Own Device -- that comes with some very un-cute problems.

6 Ways To Build Your Business On Facebook--For Free - 9.25.12

It's amazing how much business comes in over Facebook. And I don't pay Facebook--or anyone--a cent.

Who's Bossing the Boss? - 9.18.12

When you're the boss, who makes sure you do all those important things that actually, you hate to do?

How to Catch Lying Job Seekers - 8.22.12

Half--yes, half--of all job applicants lie on their resumés. How do you figure out who's telling the truth?

7 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries - 8.7.12

It's only natural to be discouraged some of the time. Here's how to get your mojo back.

Get Your Email Under Control: 5 Tips - 7.25.12

Email is like laundry -- it's never really done. Here's how to keep it under control without stressing out.

4 Strategies for Painless Sales - 7.2.12

How do we want our customer to feel when they meet with us? That's the key to our sales strategy.

How to Give a Great Speech: 4 Tips - 6.14.12

Public speaking doesn't have to be terrifying. Here's how to capture, and keep, the crowd's attention.

Do Typos Matter? - 5.24.12

In an age of tiny keyboards and emoticons, you may think typos don't matter. Not so, according to someone who's been addressed as Mr. Renay Seagull.

LinkedIn: Reading Between the Lines - 5.9.12

Yes, LinkedIn tells me lots about potential employees. But it's just as useful for getting the scoop on a new client or partner.

Last-minute Tax Tips You Can't Afford to Miss - 4.13.12

So 2011 was a good year for your business. Here's how to share as little as possible of it with Uncle Sam.

Fight the Fear: 4 Tips - 4.14.12

Entrepreneurship is scary. Here's how to keep your head down and your eyes open.

You Screwed Up. Now What? - 4.3.12

We all make mistakes. It's how we handle them that makes the difference between a simple "Oops," and an epic fail.

5 Great Reasons to be a Mentor - 3.14.12

It's not all about saving the world or 'helping' the next generation. You'll be surprised by how much you get out of it, too.

5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person - 2.29.12

My clients are just like yours: They want to Skype, email and text. But here's why you still need face time.

4 Lin-sane Leadership Lessons - 2.22.12

In business terms, Jeremy Lin is the underdog that took on the 800 pound gorilla and won. Here's what entrepreneurs can learn from him.

5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Business - 2.16.12

The recession is ending. Will you be ready?

16 Cocktail Party Tips for Wallflowers - 2.7.12

Some of your best business opportunities will be at social events. How to bring out your inner schmoozer.

I Broke These 6 Business Rules. Why You Should, Too - 1.31.12

I may be a rule-follower by nature. But when it comes to my own company, I've learned when to color outside the lines.

Why You Should Put Your Personal Life Online - 1.23.12

People do business with people they like. Here's how to make yourself likeable online.

How to Write a Thank-You Note That Matters - 1.11.12

Thank-you notes are so rare in this digital age that a good one makes a huge impression. Here's how to write one.

Kicked in the Pants by an Accountant - 12.28.11

Only twice in the history of my business have I been truly terrified. Both times, it was my accountant -- yes, you read that right -- who jolted me back.

How to Set a Goal, and How to Reach It - 12.20.11

This time of year, goal-setting becomes a bit of a cliche. That's because we're doing it wrong. How our goals can help us learn who we are, and what we're can do.

4 Principles of Stress-Free Management - 12.15.11

Running a business doesn't have to be painful. Following these four guidelines allows me to love what I do, every day.

5 Great Reasons to Work on Vacation - 12.6.11

Part of the reason we go on vacation is to feel refreshed when we get back, right? That's why the laptop and iPhone come with me.



Kevin Francis, CEO, CenterBeam - cnet


Why IT Does--and Does Not--Matter by Kevin Francis, CEO, CenterBeam

IT infrastructure-outsourcing companies are using to their advantage brilliant IT engineers and modern IT automation and management tools and have created state-of-the-art IT management services that are being steadily scaled throughout North America. The success of these companies validates Carr's thesis: IT infrastructure is becoming just another utility for business. And just as it doesn't make any sense for businesses to build, staff and maintain their own electrical generation plants, it doesn't make any sense to build, staff and maintain their own plants to generate datatricity.   /more


The Lessons of Sasser by Kevin Francis, CEO, CenterBeam

So, what happened? We had the tools to stop the worm dead in its tracks, but it still exacted a high toll in lost productivity, loss of real business and, in the case of the sailors at sea around the coast of England, created a real risk to life.

The root cause for this dysfunction can't be assigned to the lack of tools. We need to look deeper into the factors that contribute to the operational environment within information technology. This is where we might begin to understand why so many companies were left naked to the Sasser worm.    /more